Adria Warranty


Distributor: Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Adria Warranty:

  • 2 years warranty on all habitation equipment for faults arising from defects in material or manufacture.
  • And a total of 7 years warranty for water ingress through a permanent seal.

This warranty is subject to the unit being serviced annually by an Adria dealership or authorised Service Agent within a month of the original date of purchase or the previous service for the duration of the 7 year Adria water ingress warranty. Adria is liable to rectify all defects in material and manufacture free of charge subject to prior authorisation. All warranty commences from the original date of registration.

Some components, such as the fridge, air-conditioning, heater and boiler, etc., have individual instructions and warranties as per the component manufacturer. This information is supplied in the Adria document pack upon purchase.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Attrition of components including but not exclusive to: tyres, wheels, jockey wheels, glass, windows, batteries, sinks, shower trays, worktops.
  • Deterioration due to carelessness, improper use, poor maintenance or overloading.
  • Damage to the exterior and interior of the vehicle due to the use of abrasive or dissolving materials.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to transport the vehicle to and from an Adria dealership or authorised Service Agent for warranty investigation and rectification. While the vehicle is with the dealership the purchaser is not entitled to indemnity due to loss of use of the vehicle.

The purchaser should report all defects immediately to their supplying dealership. Adria reserves the right to examine vehicles prior to commencement of repairs or replacement of parts, and to accept or reject a claim against the vehicle’s warranty.

All parts replaced during the warranty period are only guaranteed for the duration of the vehicle’s warranty period, and remain the property of Adria.

Adria is not responsible for eventual accidents and/or damages, which may occur during the use of a vehicle, although the event may have been caused by a defect in material or workmanship.

Adria is not responsible for modifications carried out to vehicles unless approval for such modifications has been given by the Distributor in writing. If modifications not approved in writing by the Distributor, the warranty of associated original parts will be voided.

Adria reserves the right to alter specifications for technical and commercial reasons, and are under no obligation to make retrospective changes.

Adria strongly recommends towing at safe speeds according to travel conditions, with extra care and attention given on uneven surfaces. Our vehicles are not designed for hard impact or landings, and rutted roads or tracks.

European models depicted in some images, Australian modifications apply.