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Twin Supreme 640 SGX on the "Giant world tour"

Twin Supreme 640 SGX on the "Giant world tour"

Hrvoje Jurić, an adventurer and cyclist from Vrbica, a small place in eastern Croatia, this summer has attempted to do something out of the ordinary – to become the first person to ride the globe on an e-bike and get his place in the Guinness book of records! The „Giant World Tour“ project has been launched 3 years ago, and he's chosen Adria Mobil as one of the main sponsors and logistic partners.

Because of its attractive looks, roomy interior, great gas mileage and equipment, the Twin SGX 640 Supreme camper was the perfect fit for the first leg of the Tour, the one that lead to Vladivostok. During the whole trip Hrvoje has had support – filmmaker Matija Pospihalj who was also taking care of the campervan.

Hrvoje Jurić and Matija Pospihalj (photographer).

In the 55 days which we needed to arrive from Novo Mesto to Vladivostok, Matija drove the vehicle for more than 12000 km, and more than 10 000 of these where through Russia. This was one of the toughest tests of the vehicle and equipment.

Wherever we would stop, especially in Russia – the camperwan drew attention. Many people in the cities would stop by and ask as for a quick tour of the campervan's indoor space. Sometimes, tough, it did not seem like a safe idea to do so, so we would quickly continue moving. People wanted to know what's inside, do we have a kitchen, shower, how many people can comfortably fit inside. The up and down moving bed was an absolute favorite.

Twin Supreme SGX big attraction in Russia.

Try to imagine an area, 2054 km long, with just a few small villages between the two end. Well, that was our way from Chita to Habarovski. The gas stations were at least 200 km apart. The terrain was hilly for another 1600 km after Habarovski too, all the way to Irkutsk. The roads were becoming more and more ruined, which was not much of a problem for me, who was driving the bike, as I could just drive slower and avoid holes on the pavement. Matija, on the other hand, had it much worse. The terrain we tested the Twin on is not really something many campervans will have to withstand, but knowing I have such support, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom ready whenever I'll need it was priceless. It  has helped me drive without feeling much pressure.

Hrvoje Jurić with Twin Supreme in Russia.

Sometimes I would drive for 250, the other days 320 and some days just around 110 km per day.  It is tricky to get a stomach flu while on the the road, but thankfully I had everything I needed in the Twin to get better asap and keep moving. Matija and the vehicle made it possible for me to just focus on the road.  Eventough we would sometimes stop for a snack at one of the numerous restaurants by the road, we have cooked a lot in the van, which was easy as we had everything we needed.

Support when- and
whereever needed.

We had to take quite a lot of equipment with us. A spare bike, cameras, lenses, tripods, 10 big bike batteries, clothing for cycling in all kinds of weather. Most of it was stored in the back of the van, which we could access from both the front (inside) and back (outside).

Excellent storage possibilities inside Twin Supreme SGX.

It's important to say we hadn't had any problems with the Twin in the 12 000 km we've tested it. No flat tires, gas problems or water-system malfunctioning. We had two spare gas bottles just in case, but we did not have to use them at all during the 55 days of constant usage. The van was in the same shape the last day of Leg 1, as the day we have picked it up for the first time. All the drawers and lockers were completely functioning, eventough we have abused them a bit by drying clothes on them and such.

This has definitely been a big test for the Twin Supreme SGX 640, but without it my project would have been much, much tougher. Maybe even impossible.

Hrvoje Jurić with Denis Car (Adria Mobil, Product manager for motorhomes and vans).

I am immensely thankful for all the support I got from the Adria Mobil team and all the employees who have made sure that our Twin was ready to follow us through the good and bad times. I am looking forward to the next adventure!


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