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So many beaches … In Sardinia with the Adria Coral XL

So many beaches … In Sardinia with the Adria Coral XL

Author: Gregor Balažic, BeachRex

Our mission is to visit Europe's top 1000 beaches and discover how many meet the needs of those travelling with a recreational vehicle. We started our adventure in Italy, specifically in the north and in Sardinia, with the Adria Coral XL.

Italy has been attracting me since my childhood, mainly due to its unique coastline and beaches, which are considered as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We chose the island of Sardinia as our first destination.

This was the first long trip for our young family with a son, Gaber, who will soon celebrate his second birthday, so before making the decision, there were quite a few doubts that crossed our minds. But they all disappeared when we first set our eyes on the impressive Adria Coral XL Plus motorhome. Clearly, the motorhome designers thought about everything – we simply couldn’t believe all the space that the motorhome offers. We knew straight away that we have everything we’ll need for a one-month trip.

You probably imagine the amount of luggage when travelling with a child so young. Plus all the toys, photo-shooting equipment and also a moped. Fortunately we discovered shelf after shelf, cupboard locker after cupboard locker, storage space after storage space. Everything was packed in the blink of an eye. But what surprised us even more than storage space is comfort. We easily travelled hundreds of miles without having to stop or feel tired of sitting. I do not even remember our first night in the motorhome because we slept like angels.

The island of Sardinia – a true beach paradise

I visited Sardinia for the first time twelve years ago and gave her a nickname »Beach paradise«. On the map, the distance between mainland Italy and Sardinia is not really big. But the ferry still needs about eight hours of driving from our start point in Slovenia. We started the visit of the beaches in Golfo Aranci bay, which translates into orange bay. It is accessible by a motorhome and it offers excellent tourist opportunities. The drive to this bay - a paradise for lovers of fishing and diving - alone is extremely picturesque. Every road curve will offer you a great view, even if you are sitting in a motorhome. The water is clean and of beautiful blue color and it is the home of many dolphins that delight us with their playful behavior. The bay is and is not as crowded as the tourist centers in the north of the island.

Sardinia is a home to countless beautiful and quite wild beaches. It is hard to choose which are the most beautiful. In any case, do not take mobile phones on these beaches or at least turn off the internet, as nothing on the web is as interesting as these beauties, so enjoy your moments of happy relaxation, in nature.

The influence of playing under the warm sun next to the waves of the sea with plenty of gravel and sand to play with was quickly seen in our son Gaber. He was interested in everything and he was moving around much more that usually. Sparkles in the eyes, the laughter of happiness and long rests in the motorhome, when he was tired of all the playing and trying to gain power for new adventures has showed, that the decision to travel was the right decision to make.

Motorhomes i'd used in the past, were pretty basic, but this Coral XL – wow! it totally delivered on space and comfort. Now I can say that this is probably the best motorhome you can imagine. But we will soon be trying more from the Adria range so we will be the judge!

The island of Sardinia also has many peninsulas. One of them is the peninsula Capriccioli, which hosts a number of exceptional beaches. And also large turtles, as we found out later on a tarmacadam road on our way to La Pitrizza beach. The turtle did not seem bothered. But what do I know? Maybe it has been here a hundred years before the first car was even made, let alone the motorhome.

My partner Lara was more enthusiastic from beach to beach. She said that this is the most beautiful beach she ever saw. And she said that for every beach. Until we visited the next beach. For all travelers with motorhome the bingo is the beach di Rena Majori on the northern part of Sardinia. It is extremely long and green pine forests surround glittering white sand as far as the eye can see.

Lara prepared a lot of delicious meals in a fully equipped kitchen of our motorhome. Everything in the motorhome has its own place and she has repeatedly said that it is more practical that the kitchen at home. In addition, all of the appliances are of superior quality and surely contribute to the tastiness of the dish.

You’d think at first glance that a seven-meter long and three-ton heavy motorhome is a challenge to drive, especially if you used to drive only a small Fiat Panda. A motorhome, which also has a Fiat engine, is designed in a way that it offers a smooth and comfortable drive and that the driving itself is similar to driving an ordinary, well-responsive car. Even in Sardinian cities where they like to drive in an Italian style - a little faster, the motorhome proved to be excellent and Lara felt sovereign when driving it wherever we were intended. It’s surprisingly agile and easy to drive, no problem.

We encountered so many beaches on this first leg of this adventure, but one beach whose name you just have to write down: San Silverio. It looks like a lifetime peace of a great artist. The sea of turquoise color surrounds unusually harmonically placed rocks in the water. As if someone would put them exactly in the perfect spot.

The beauty attracts, of course. And in the main season there are many tourists on beaches of Sardinia, especially on the northern part of the island. One of those beaches is Balai beach, which is truly an exceptional beauty. That is why we deliberately searched for more hidden beaches, which we call wild beaches. Why we call them like that I do not know, as they are actually really quiet.

Let me conclude my brief description of the journey through Sardinia, which can not in any way encompass all of the beauty that is selflessly provided by the coastline here, with beaches that are a true small paradise for all motorhome enthusiasts - Visit the Mari Ermi, di Arutas and di Su Crastu Biancu beach.

Sardinia is completed, now for the next stage in our incredible adventure. If you’ve ever thought about visiting this heavenly island, don’t put it off any longer. And if you want a lot of space and comfort take a look at the Coral XL.

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