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Around the world on an e-bike

Around the world on an e-bike

Cycling addict, Hrvoje Jurić, is attempting a new Guinness world record, supported by a very special Adria Twin campervan.

Global adventurer and cycling addict, Hrvoje Jurić, is attempting a new Guinness world record, circumventing the globe on a custom-built GIANT brand electric bike, ably supported by a very special Adria Twin campervan.

We catch up with Hrvoje, in final testing, putting himself, his Giant bike and a Twin Supreme through its paces.

"I woke up around 6:20. It was warm inside the van, even my dog was sleeping on the floor. First thing I do in the morning is preparing coffee and breakfast. Then let the music play, until I'm done with the bathroom. Make the bed, open the back window to have some fresh air and sit in a chair enjoying the first taste of coffee.

Last day I was on the road for 12 hours, cycled about 280 kilometers. That one hill was killing me. I was so angry during the climb. But when I have finally reached the top, I got my prize. Amazing view, a little bit windy, but I was completely alone.

After that, I was speeding downhill, at one point over 70 km/h. That was pure adrenalin, when you can feel how blood runs through your veins.
I can say "now I have everything I need". I can go cycling wherever I want, for how long I want, take a shower after practice, prepare a meal, sleep in nature. Even my dog is happy staying inside until I'm back."

"I think this van will be the main reason I'll have plenty of time to dedicate to myself during the "Giant World Tour" project. And, believe me, every saved minute is precious. There's no more losing time and energy searching for accommodation, waiting for a meal or carrying equipment on my bike. When I decide to stop and have a short break I no longer need to sit on the ground. Just open the van and lay down on the bed.
In Australia, it could be quite hot. Never mind, I'll take a shower three or four times per day.

This Twin Supreme SGX model offers me more than I can imagine, more than I ever had on my previous travels. And that's one step closer to setting up a Guinness Record.

At least, to try."

We will track Hrvoje on his epic #giantworldtour adventure through the coming months, share his moments through our social channels and his story will feature in our next edition of Inspirations magazine and in future blogs. For every detail, make sure to follow him on Instagram.

And if you have an adventure in mind which needs plenty of space for your outdoor equipment, take a look at the Twin SGX layout, with its special features, including an electrically operated rear lifting bed with storage underneath aswell as the Adria exclusive Sky-roof and Sky-lounge.

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