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About Adria

Since 1965 - inspiring adventures for fifty years  

Adria has been making recreational vehicles for fifty years. From the very first Adria Caravan 375 in 1965 and the first motorhomes, the Adriatik 420 and 450 in 1982, Adria has been an innovator and leader in it's field.

History means tradition – a tradition of creating, developing, designing and making products for caravanners who have, for over four decades now, been taking their caravans to wherever their hearts might lead them and paths take them.

Feel free to browse our timeline and have a look at the long history of our products. 

  • 2019
    The undoubted highlight of 2019 was the introduction of the new Astella luxury line. A ground-breaking new type of recreational vehicle, like no other. In motorhomes Adria added the new Compact and new shorter layouts for Sonic, Coral, Matrix and Coral XL. In vans, Adria launched the new Twin Axess models and a new Active Multi-Purpose Camper. Adria's best-selling caravan range added the new Altea, plus a restyled new Aviva interior and new ‘short' layout 583 LP Alpina. Adria also introduced new Adria MACH smart control mobile application as an option for Sonic, Alpina and Astella.
  • 2018
    Adria Mobil continues to thrive as an independent business within the new group Trigano, gaining many benefits of now being part of this larger company. At Dusseldorf in late August 2018, a new generation of Adria Twins was revealed, including all-new interior design and exclusive features such as the new Sky-roof in the Twin Supreme. The new range of camper vans have new interiors, new kitchen units and a choice of bathrooms, including a novel Duplex layout, with rotating swivel wall offering improved space and functionality.  In motorhomes Adria launched new layouts called Open Salon in Coral, Matrix and Sonic which offer new open plan living and more flexible accommodation. Innovative new layouts were also the stars in the caravan range, including the new Teenager Lounge layout Adora 673PK.  
  • 2017

    In 2017, there was a change in Adria Mobil's ownership structure. The French company Trigano became the majority owner. Adria Mobil thus acquired an extremely important strategic owner as well as a partner.

    As part of the 2018 product season, Adria Mobil has introduced a number of new products, which have been very well received by customers, including the revamped range of products under the Sun Living brand, which has entered a new lifecycle in the 2018 season and has attracted a lot of attention immediately after its launch.

    Due to increased demand, the company decided to invest in the expansion of production in the middle of last year. It has also invested in its own "climatic chamber" as well as joining other projects – all with the aim of optimizing purchasing, development, production and sales processes. The company has completed the project of organizational efficiency, which has led to the redefinition and modernization of working place specifications.

    The results of 2017 are clearly demonstrated by numerous product awards across different markets, as well as the European Innovation Awards that were received both by Adria Mobil and the companies in the Adria Mobil Group. One of the most important accolades was the Award of the Republic of Slovenia for Business Excellence for 2016, bestowed to Adria Mobil by the president of Slovenia, Borut Pahor. The award represents the highest national prize for achievements in the field of business quality, which are the result of the development of know-how and innovation.

    The most outstanding achievement regarding sponsorships was the project of the Adria Mobil Cycling Club, which along with the general sponsor of the club – Adria Mobil – and numerous other partners and sponsors of the project, organized the 24th Tour of Slovenia. The Tour was broadcast for the first time on Eurosport, reaching millions of viewers across Europe and the world.

  • 2016

    Adria Mobil launched two major projects this year: one on the topic of organizational efficiency and the other on the topic of business excellence. They are both about upgrading Adria's work and production efficiency in order to enhance the reputation of the brand and the company and consequently raise Adria's competitiveness, particularly in foreign markets.
    Adria also organized a prominent international media event in Planica as part of the sales and marketing strategy. It was attended by over thirty journalists from the most important European media outlets, which had the opportunity to see the main novelties of the upcoming season 2017.

    Special awards for marketing excellence were presented as part of the Slovenian Marketing Conference. With over 2,000 candidates competing Adria Mobil became the Big Winner of the Marketing Excellence 2016 award.
    Adria Mobil earned the full Family-Friendly Enterprise certificate. This certificate proves that the company successfully carried out the measures set out in the 2013 implementation plan. Adria again received the Learning Organization certificate – Learning Brand 2016 for its staff development programme. The certificate is awarded by the Life Learning Academia during its annual academic and economic congress.
    Adria's motorhome Compact SLS won four prestigious awards for innovation – two on European level (European Innovation Award) and two on the local and national level given by the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina and Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2015

    The Adria brand marked its 50th anniversary in 2015 by celebrating its continuous presence in the European and global markets. To mark the event it launched a special limited edition of leisure vehicles, called the Silver Collection, which was a big sales success. Adria rounded off the celebrations by introducing the new 2016 product season, when new models of the Alpina caravan range and the Compact and Coral XL motorhome ranges were put on display for a number of domestic and foreign guests. A recertification audit has been successfully completed in Adria Mobil whereby the company has obtained the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 certificate and the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2004 certificate for the period until July 2018. For its staff development programme, Adria again received the Learning Organization certificate – Learning Brand 2015, which is awarded by the Life Learning Academia within the framework of the Slovenian Learning Organization programme. As part of the World Class Performance/World Class Partners project, Adria Mobil signed a special one-year contract with the greatest Slovenian skier of all times, Tina Maze, and the greatest Slovenian biathlete, Jakov Fak, and handed them two of the most luxurious Adria motorhomes: the Sonic Supreme SBC and the Sonic Supreme SL. Adria Mobil, d.o.o. once again presented its products at the largest and most important recreational vehicle trade show (Caravan Salon) in Düsseldorf – visited this year by over 200,000 people from around the globe. Adria received tremendous media attention during the event while making a world premiere of the concept vehicle Compact SLS – a 6 metre-long motorhome with lengthwise beds, fully functional layout and an exclusive slide-out technology of the back wall. Adria Dom, d.o.o, which is a subsidiary of Adria Mobil, initiated a highly intensive development cycle in 2015. Adria Dom presented its innovative and commercially interesting products in autumn at the trade show in the Italian Rimini, where they drew attention with a very luxurious mobile tent design and the Fenix house, which features intelligent solutions. Before the year was over, Adria Mobil recorded an important business milestone – it set a record in annual production with 10,000 leisure vehicles. Read More

  • 2014

    2014 - With the begining of season 2015, which started 1st July, Adria starts celebrating its 50th anniversary. At the world premiere at Düsseldorf fair we will launch a new Adora (with new sky-roof and panoramic window) alongside with a special 50th anniversay model - the Altea 4four, a new design your own caravan. On the motorhome programme Adria launches new range of Sonic and Matrix for it's 50 year anniversary in 2015 season. The fully integrated or 'A Class' new Sonic motorhome from Adria has been redesigned for 2015, with all new interior designs, intelligent new layouts and a long list of new exterior and interior features all perfectly integrated on the new Fiat Ducato chassis, cabin and choice of engines. With a choice of Fiat or Renault chassis, engines, lengths and layouts the new Matrix takes versatility and comfort to new levels. This is the ultimate 'all-rounder' a motorhome which does everything well, so it is no surprise that a fleet of Matrix supported the winners of the Dakar Rally, the world's most extreme endurance race, two years in succession, 2013 and 2014.

  • 2013

    2013 - At the fair, Adria again got the proof and confirmation that its products are of high-quality, functional and nicely designed, as the brand Adria won the König Kunde prize for the fourth year in a row, namely, the third place in total; it is a selection of the best manufacturer in opinion of customers; in addition, for Altea caravan, Adria won the EIA (European Innovation Award), which is awarded by the jury consisting of representatives of the industry's media.

  • 2012

    Adria Mobil won further awards in 2012 based on independent reviews by customers. Adria won 1st place in the Konig Kunde "King of Customers" awards with number 1 ranking overall in the motorhome van segment. Recognition by a respected industry professional magazine motorhome based on the opinions of their readers who are so users of motorhomes is further acknowledgement of the progress Adria is making in product and brand recognition.

    In Caravans the new Astella Glam Edition was launched and won 1st place in the European Innovation Awards based on the opinion of twelve different industry judges.

  • 2011

    Adria Mobil has won first place in the "König-Kunde-Award 2011" contest based on the readers' selection in the German magazine Reise Mobil, and is the first foreign (non-German) brand to have ever received this kind of award. Adria was able to win first place in no less than six categories of the König-Kunde selection: quality, design, price/value ratio, customer orientation, driving comfort and living comfort.

    This year's newcomer to the Düsseldorf trade fair as world premiere is a new model from the "Sonic family" - Super Sonic, an upgraded product with many Plus features compared to Sonic. Second highlight of Adria motorhome range for season 12 is extensive upgrade done on the Adria Matrix series with three different product/price ranges: Matrix Axess, Matrix and Matrix Supreme.

  • 2010

    Adria Mobil celebrated its 45th anniversary. The story of brand name Adria begins in the year 1965 when the first caravan was developed and produced. Since then more than 500 000 products – caravans, motorhomes, vans and mobile homes have been made and sold throughout Europe and further a field.

    World premiere in Caravan Salon 2010 at Düsseldorf – The Adria Sonic integrated motorhome, represents the second generation of Adria's integrated motorhomes and features unique and innovative solutions in exterior and interior design.

    Besides product innovations we decided to mark our anniversary with an anthology "45 years of living in motion" in which we review the old Adria catalogues and with the presentation of a special collection of an Adria branded outdoor clothing line designed as a men's and women's range which are available on the Adria internet site (Adria Shop).

  • 2009

    At the Düsseldorf fair Adria Mobil has presented its new models for the 2010 season which include 45 years of Adria' s tradition and experience: - caravan for all seasons Alpina 45 Edition - Matrix combines the advantages of the Alcoven models – which means it is spacious enough to offer comfortable travelling for five people – with the advantages of a semi-integrated motorhome, which are, above all, better aerodynamics and therefore smaller fuel consumption and an attractive design, where the body work and the base vehicle are elegantly combined and function as an integrity. - Twin GIT and Compact GIT; the most important feature of these two motorhomes is individuality; buyers can choose from among 20 different external graphics. - the brand new light caravan Aviva Lite, its advantage being its weight which does not exceed 800 kg. Besides all the new models we also renovated the interior and exterior of the ADIVA caravan. 

  • 2008

    At the Düsseldorf fair, Adria Mobil has introduced the semi-integrated motorhome Polaris for the first time. Polaris is made on the third generation of the Mercedes Sprinter and offers the highest standard of travelling and luxurious living comfort throughout the year.

  • 2007

    Adria's answer concerning the trend for small motorhomes with optimal functions was a new motorhome series, Coral Compact, which offers great comfort with an innovatively designed interior.

    A new member of the VAN family is born - Adria 4 Twin. With its innovative construction this model can sleep 4 modern nomads.

    In 2007 Adria Mobil became the owner of the Spanish company Sun Roller. The main business orientation of Sun Roller is the production and sale of mobile houses, besides that the company also produces caravans and motorhomes.


  • 2005

    2005 - At its 40th anniversary Adria Mobil became the general sponsor of the local cycling club, which is at the same time a proof of Adria's strong sense of social responsibility towards the local environment where it successfully co-exists for many years.

    2005 saw a major milestone in Adria Mobil history, with the opening of an all new manufacturing facility, parts warehouse and company head office. The new factory is the most advanced production facility in the industry, with ISO 9001, 14001 & EFQM 5 star certification for business excellence, quality management & environmental standards. Adria deploys world class manufacturing processes, high technology and the skills of its employees to bring recreational vehicles to a new level of quality and reliability from this new facility.

  • 2004

    2004 - Group Adria Mobil became an important part of the business system ACH, d.d. ( in 2004. The primary activity of company ACH, d.d., is investment management. The company is one of the leading companies in this sector in South-Eastern Europe and the investment portfolio of ACH, d. d., consists of Slovene and foreign companies. Their activities include trading with vehicles, the hotel business, financial services, information technology and, not least, production.

  • 2003

    The caravan ADORA, as a representative of eight generations of caravans, was developed and it replaced the previous very important B series. As far as the shape of the caravan is concerned, Adora's design was a bit more classical than the B series.

    The development of the mini motorhome 3-WAY on a Renault Trafic chassis was the answer and solution for the dynamic and spontaneous life style of Adria's buyers.

  • 2002

    The first prototype Adria-Home 760 was developed, with an external length of 7,7 m, width 3,3 m and interior living area 24,3 m2. The prototype was finished on 11th April 2002.

    The van WIN was developed.

    Adria Mobil gained the Gazela (gazelle) award for the fastest growing company in the South-Eastern region and third place in the country.

  • 2001

    ADIVA, as a representative of the seventh generation of caravans, was developed. Many of the constructional elements used on Adiva were previously used on the caravan Aura, a jubilee caravan made for the 2000 season.

    Two Alkoven STARGO motorhomes, on Mercedes-Benz chassis, were developed. These were shortly followed by two semi-integrated models.

  • 1999

    Jubilee caravan AURA - a caravan for the new millennium. In 1999 caravan Aura was developed, the main idea being a celebration of the new millennium and the promotion of the Adria brand on the market. For this reason Aura was designed as a special type of caravan with unique features concerning the interior as well as the exterior. The caravan was meant to provide a luxurious living area for two people. Aura was presented at two fairs - in Parma and Düsseldorf and won a great deal of praise from visitors and branch journalists. Nevertheless, Aura did not reach serial production, but many of its constructional elements were used while developing the seventh generation of caravans, ADIVA.

    The Coral series upgraded with semi-integrated motorhome models (models 590 DS and 590 DU).

    The sixth generation of caravans (1999-2005) upgraded the fifth (UNICA) concerning the shape of the exterior. Again, the decorative exterior graphics becomes a striped combination of blue ribbons and a thin red line. The shape of this series has been used only on the prestige C series of caravans and has lasted until today in the CLASSICA series.

    Adria Mobil expanded its distribution network to a far Eastern market -Japan.

  • 1998

    In this year motorhome production begins in Novo mesto, Slovenia - at first only Alkoven models which were shortly followed by semi-integrated models. After that we added the so called economic version (named Series 70) of motorhomes which despite its lower price offered all the functionality needed in a motorhome. Also the new base vehicles were added - Fiat Ducato was joined by Mercedes, Renault Traffic and Renault Master. Among the motorhomes, the Coral series becomes a sales success on all European markets. For the first time Adria Mobil presents its offer on the internet site -

  • 1996

    Sonja Gole becomes General Manager of Adria Mobil. Under her guidance a new period of company revitalization begins and after a period of economic pressures Adria manages to become one of the leading European manufacturers in the field.

  • 1995

    The begginning of ADRIA VAN production; with VAN programme Adria immediately reaching good market results. The Development department encountered a big challenge because of unevenly shaped internal metal walls. The walls had to be thermically insulated and prepared for furniture and interior equipment fixation. While the competition used linings from soft materials for leveling the walls we, in Adria, used a wooden skeleton and plywood. With this decision we managed to produce a better product than the competition which was one of the most important selling points.

  • 1994

    A slightly changed shape for Forma (fourth generation of caravans) was introduced into all series of the fifth generation of caravans (1995-2005) named UNICA. Decorative exterior graphics looked like a fantasy mixture of blue and green color underlined with a thin red line. Names of series were changed into A, B and C. Even today the basic shape of this generation is used on Altea due to its functional advantages.

  • 1991

    The first Adria semi-integrated motorhome with five different layouts was developed.

  • 1988

    Even more aerodynamically perfected front part and new, striped full-coloured decorative graphics are characteristic elements of the 4th generation of caravans named FORMA (1988-1995). The shape of this generation was used only in the new, most luxurious series of caravans- Forma- while all the other series kept the shape of the third generation.

  • 1987

    In the 1987 season two new models entered the motorhome production. The sharp edged exterior was changed to more rounded lines of bodywork which resulted in a more harmonious and unified exterior look for the motorhome.

  • 1985

    Moving to the new factory in Novo mesto, Slovenia, in January and the begginning of test production.

    In 1985 two new motorhome prototypes on Fiat Ducato chassis were made. These prototypes were presented at fairs in Torino, Paris and Essen. They were the basis for production started in Belgium in February 1986.

  • 1984

    The third prototype Adriatik 390 on a Renault Traffic chassis was produced.

  • 1982

    The main characteristic of the third generation of caravans, named Mistral (1982 - 1994), was the aerodynamic shape of the front part of the caravan. The aerodynamic shape meant a significant advantage over the competition because at that time gas supply problems occurred. One of the most important changes on the caravans' exterior which Adria introduced as the first European producer in the industry, was striped graphic decoration. Another important (technological) step was made in this period which was the introduction of the so called sandwich technology which is used for production of body parts.

    At first sight motorhomes seem to be a logical expansion of caravan usage ( a caravan with its own engine), but we were surprised to find out that the market did not confirm our beliefs. It turned out that motorhome buyers were a different segment of the population due to the higher prices of motorhomes and for that reason it took some time for consumers to switch from spending their leisure time in hotels to a more nomadic way of spending their free time. The idea about motorhome development had existed in IMV (Industry of Motor Vehicles) since the end of 60` and the beginning of 70`. In 1969 the management had already registered the brand name Adriatik - the name for the product that was finally brought into the world 20 years later. In 1982 the first two motorhomes were made on Renault Master chassis - named Adriatik 420 and 450 which were also presented at the fair in Belgrade.

  • 1979

    The solid position of Adria throughout Europe was one of the reasons why the decision for building a new company in Novo mesto in 1979 was made.

  • 1978

    In 1978 new caravan models, which represent the start of the second generation (1978-1984), were made. The characteristic blue ribbon finds its place under windows, window glass turns into a light blue colour. In this generation the product offers significantly increases - now it consists of 5 series, 14 models and 22 types. One of the main reasons why Adria reached its sales peak in 1980 was its wide range of models.

  • 1970

    The main characteristic of the first generation of caravans is the exterior oval look which has been a feature of Adria´s caravans since Opatija in 1966. In the beginning the first generation had only one series in three models and eight types. The exterior of the caravans was equipped with a specific blue ribbon in the line of windows, which was a synonym for the Adriatic sea and the blueness of the sky. At first, the blue colour was not well accepted because of its aggressive look in comparison with the competition, which focused on using lighter, more pastel colors. But in time, Adria´s caravans became well known due to the above mentioned blue ribbon.

  • 1967

    Production of caravans in Novo mesto, Slovenia, increased from one to three units per day by June.

  • 1966

    The first shipment of caravans to the fair in Stockholm took place in March. In this year the caravan OPATIJA was developed with its typical egg shape.

  • 1965

    1965 - In the IMV (Industry of motor vehicles) factory the first prototype ADRIA 375 was successfully manufactured under the guidance of engineer Martin Sever in August 1965...