Adria Mobil and the environment

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Adria Mobil and the environment

We are aware that maintaining a healthy and safe living environment is an essential condition for the development of our operations – the manufacture and marketing of environmentally friendly products. It is our right, obligation and responsibility to make it possible for present and future generations to live in a healthy and unpolluted environment. Adria-Mobil strives to be an environmentally friendly company. Therefore, the company management undertakes to comply with the requirements of the SIST EN ISO 14001: 2005 standard, meet the requirements of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union as well as other requirements adopted by the company.

We are committed to continue:

  • including ecology into our development strategy as well as into our annual plans along with envisaged measures, means, managers, operators of activities and deadlines in order to continuously reduce negative environmental impacts,
  • identifying and monitoring environmental factors, measuring environmental indicators and taking appropriate measures in case of discrepancies,
  • ensuring the continuous improvement of the environmental management system,
  • reducing the quantity of generated waste and ensuring its recycling by means of separate waste collection,
  • striving towards rational use of energy products and water,
  • implementing appropriate environmental-protection training and increasing the employees' awareness of our responsibility towards the working and general environment,
  • co-operating with interested internal and external customers,
  • discussing environmental issues in co-operation with our suppliers and dealers,
  • periodically notifying our employees about the results of environmental assessments,
  • limiting the use of materials harmful to the environment,
  • implementing and supporting research on the reduction of negative environmental impact related to our company, and
  • informing all persons and legal entities working for the company or in its name about our environmental policy.

The environmental policy is a document available to the general public.

Managing Director
Sonja Gole, BSc (Econ)