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About Adria


Adria Mobil products are intended for actively spending leisure time; therefore, our sponsorship policy has been adapted to support an active lifestyle. Traditionally, Adria Mobil has been a great supporter of athletes and sport clubs, and is also the proud main sponsor of the Adria Mobil Cycling Club; it also sponsors a volleyball club – ACH Volley, Man's Handball Club Krka and the Krka Telekom Basketball Club.

The Cycling Club and Adria Mobil have found a common platform for their activities, since both share the same principle of actively spending one’s leisure time and both are "living in motion", which has helped to create a powerful connection between the Adria brand and the Cycling Club. Both will continue to actively carry out their mission: "To create a healthy, active and responsible lifestyle with a passion for sport that transcends the moments of victory and defeat."