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About Adria

Employment opportunities

Employees are a key success factor in the long-term development of the company; therefore, Adria Mobil is bound by the interest of its employees. It offers them constant personal and professional growth through training courses and workshops. All the employees can thus acquire new knowledge and boost their own professional and personal growth. In Adria Mobil we are focused on creating working environment where all employees will be professionally and emotionally dedicated to achieving both company and personal goals.

In 2011 Adria Mobil received the “Zlata nit“(Golden Thread) award which is granted by the Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik and Faculty for Social Sciences to companies with best HR practices. Since then Adria Mobil is constantly ranked among the finalist of this election in the category of big companies in Slovenia. According to the commission of the “Golden Thread” project “Adria Mobil’s success is founded upon building positive and motivating relationships with its employees and the fact that the company is constantly investing in education and talent development.” (Source: STA – Slovenian Press Agency)

Also in the future Adria Mobil will build its competitiveness by designing lean and functional organization based on project groups and emphasizing group dynamics. Employees, who recognize and share company values, are one of the most valuable companies “assets” since they deliver their best performance to upgrade the competitive position of the company. Acting in accordance with the principles of Learning Organization demands a close correlation between strategic and operational goals. In Adria Mobil we are therefore dedicated to continuous development of skills, knowledge and competences which are one of key elements for realizing the competitive potential of company and its employees and upgrading the organizational culture and energy.