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About Adria

Commited to excellence

In Adria Mobil, we have made a commitment to pursue the sustainable development, production and marketing of quality caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. Our goal is to produce safe, functional and reliable products for customers wishing to spend quality leisure time. When it comes to organizing and carrying out our operations – everything from purchasing materials to selling the product – we do our best to prevent sources of mistakes, detect any mistakes that may occur as soon as possible and immediately eliminate them, as well as constantly improving all processes in the company.

Adria's quality policy is determined by basic guidelines and measurable objectives of meeting the quality criteria. This is the kind of policy that enables us to establish a basic system that also includes our business partners and stakeholders. Our motto is: "Cordial relations with our business partners and quality products for our customers"

To ensure the requested and expected level of quality, and to be successful in this time of constant technological innovations and intense competition, we have chosen the ISO 9000 quality standards in order to bring our quality system more into line with that of global trends. We chose the ISO 9001:2000 standard as our realization standard, which serves as a basis for satisfying our customers and ourselves.

“World Class Manufacturing”

World Class Manufacturing is a set of concepts, principles, policies and techniques for managing a manufacturing company. It is a process-driven approach where implementations usually involve many philosophies and techniques, which are known also from the Lean Manufacturing concept.

Adria Mobil started to implement the World Class Manufacturing approach in 2011 and until now already implemented 5S, Value Added production time analysis, High employee involvement, Cross functional teams and Multi-skilled employee concepts. We are proud to say that Adria Mobil is definitely a company with one of the most advanced manufacturing operations.